(こんにちは!プロジェクトDIVAS。バニーちゃん2012年12月のパフォーマンス〜メリークリスマスと新年あけましておめでとうございます!〜) is Hello!Project DIVAS.'s 2012 December concert. The concert took place on December 3, 2012.

This is the first concert not to feature Yamamoto Ran and Akashi Yue and it's the debut concert of the third generation.


  1. Koi ING Melody
  2. Momoiro Sparkling Suzuki Ami, Hojo Jun, Arikara Erika, Akiyama Mei, Hisakawa Minami
  3. Suki Chan Inoue Ayame, Furude Gina, Kyou Miwa, Ishikawa Megumi
  4. All I want for Christmas is You Nao Rika Solo
  5. Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko
  6. Special Generation
  7. Ren'ai Hunter
  8. Ogoe De!!
  9. Watashi kara Anata Ee~
  11. Yeah! Meccha Holiday
  12. Ren'ai Hunter

Members Featured


  • This was the last concert to feature Kyou Miwa and Nao Rika, until the September 2013 DIVAS. concert.
  • Nao Rika won the second DIVAS. Competition, so she was given a solo.

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