Hello!Project DIVAS. Bunnychan June 2012 Performance ~LOVING MOOD~ (こんにちは!プロジェクトDIVAS。バニーちゃん2012年6月のパフォーマンス〜LOVING MOOD〜) is the debut concert of the sub member group, Hello!Project DIVAS.


  1. Go Girl Go!
  2. Renai Spirit!
  3. Kacchoii Uta
  4. Seishun Collection
  5. Ama no Jaku Suzuki Ami, Inoue Ayame, Furude Gina, Yamamoto Ran
  6. DREAM Akashi Yue, Hojo Jun
  7. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
  8. DISCO BABY Koi no Groove
  9. Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari
  10. Yume Miru 15sai Hojo Jun, Furude Gina, Akashi Yue, Yamamoto Ran
  11. Aa li Na! Suzuki Ami, Inoue Ayame
  12. Love MACHINE
  13. Kono Toori

Featured Members


  • This is the first DIVAS. concert.

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