Hello!Project Get Together 2013 Ceremony ~Part Two~ (ローチケ一緒に2013年式〜パート2ゲット​​プロジェクト〜) is the second part of the Hello!Pro Award Ceremonies.It will take place September 15,September 18, and Spetember 20,2013. At the event,the judges (Yoshizawa Hitomi,Katashi and Makoto) and the fans will be able to choose member's titles within the Hello!Project.This time,the event only features Sore Wa ShoujouWishes  and Superstars.


Sore Wa Shoujou (09.15.13)

  1. TBA

Wishes (09.18.13)

  1. TBA

Superstars (09.20.13)

  1. TBA


  • The event will take place at the Yokohama Arena.
  • Morning Musume OGs and Happy Jikan GGs are allowed to give the awards to members.
  • Tsunku was absent from the ceremony, but he sent the members a video message before the ceremony began.

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