Hello Pro Girls Second Audition (ハロプロガールズセカンドオーディション) was an audition held to find the second generation of Hello Pro Girls (the first generation formed Ka-wa-ii! in 2009). The audition was announced on May 1, 2014.

Audition Details

  • Application Requirements:
    1. Female, Minimum of age 10 and maximum of 17 years of age by March 31, 2014.
    2. Must not currently be under contract with any agencies.
    3. Must have consent from legal guardian if under age.
  • Application Deadline: June 16, 2014
  • Total Applicants: 8,000+ Auditionees
  • Training Camp Choreographer: YOSHIKO (Morning Musume's Choreographer)
  • Training Camp Singing Teacher: Marron-sensei
  • Broadcast: On USTREAM

Audition Process

First Round

The application deadline was June 16th, 2014.

Second Round

The second round started on June 17th. Each girl's profile were viewed by Tsunku, who then arbitrarily selected the ones he wanted to go onto the third round. All the candidates were interviewed as well.

On July 1, it was announced on the audition website that the second round was finished and continuing candidates would be contacted directly.

Third Round

On August 1, the candidates gathered in Tokyo for further screening. From there, they were selected, and invited to the training camp. Trainees joined in this round.

  • In this round the girls had to:
    1. Show a special skill.
    2. Dance to Tada Odore!
    3. Give a performance to the rhythm of With or Without Watashi no Koibito.
    4. Sing song of their choice.

Fourth Round

The fourth round began in late October and ended on November 10th. The finalists were taken to a training camp from where they received dance and vocal lessons, individually recorded Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!! and danced to Uki Uki Dance! in a group in front of Tsunku and the dance teacher.

25 girls were chosen for the fourth round

  • Saito Mio (斎藤澪)
  • Aida Yuna (相田由奈)
  • Deguchi Yui (出口由衣)
  • Abe Chiyuki (阿部千之)
  • Fuchi Karin (渕カリン)
  • Morozumi Himeka (諸角姫架)
  • Kouno Sumirei (河野澄令)
  • Esumi Sofia (江角ソフィア)
  • Nakamura Nagisa (中村渚紗)
  • Saito Ryouko (斎藤遼子)
  • Miyamoto Kotori (宮本小鳥)
  • Ayase Runa (綾瀬ルナ)
  • Ibi Koharu (揖斐小春)
  • Umemoto Marika (梅本麻理佳)
  • Kojima Hanayo (小島花代)
  • Kudo Akiko (工藤明子)
  • Kaito Sakiko (怪盗咲子)
  • Masuko Rei (増子レイ)
  • Obata Naho (小幡菜穂)
  • Takai Fuuko (高井風子)
  • Ukiyo Eiko (浮世栄子)
  • Amaterasu Meiko (天照名港)
  • Yamada Aya (山田彩)
  • Washio Kisora (鷲尾希空)
  • Asai Yoko (浅井葉子)


The winners from the audition were announced on November 29, during Ka-wa-ii!'s concert at the Tokyo Dome. They are:

  • Saito Mio, age 15 from Tokyo
  • Abe Chiyuki, age 12 from Aichi
  • Morozumi Himeka, age 12 from Iwate
  • Takai Fuuko, age 13 from Nagano
  • Obata Naho, age 13 from Saitama
  • Amaterasu Meiko, age 14 from Osaka

Additionally, four trainees were added to the line up:

  • Takashi Rina, age 16 from Chiba (DIVAS.)
  • Yamaguchi Yui, age 14 from Miyagi (DIVAS.)
  • Hagiwara Kaori, age 14 from Hyogo (Kenshuusei)
  • Ito Miyuki, age 13 from Fukuoka (Hello Pro Idol)


  • All ten girls form the unit, Toki♥Doki.
  • During the fourth round, only the names of the finalists were revealed.
  • Failed finalists will have be reevaluated for a new unit.