Hello Pro Trainee 2013 Audition was an audition held in Fall 2013 for a new trainee unit, similar to Hello Pro Kenshuusei and Hello!Project DIVAS. The winners of the audition were revealed on January 15, 2014 during a USTREAM broadcasting.

The winners made up the trainee unit, Hello Pro Idol.

Audition Details

Application Requirements

Girls aged 10 - 16 who were not under another agency and had parent consent.

Total Applicants

5,000+ Auditionees

Training Camp and Theme Song

Dance - STYLE (Shiko Jikan)
Vocals - Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!! (Uchota~)

Training Camp Choreographer



On Girl Pop! TV and Hello! SATOYAMA Life

Second Round

  • The videotape and profile of each girl was viewed by Tsunku, who then arbitrarily selects the ones he wants to go into the third round.
    • 60 girls were chosen for the next round.

Third Round

  • The 60 candidates gathered in Tokyo for further screening. From there, they are selected, and invited to the training camp.
    • Vocal - With or Without Watashi no Koibito (Happy Jikan)
    • Dance - Maji Desu ka Ska! (Morning Musume)

Fourth Round

  • They were taken to a training camp from where they received dance and vocal lessons, separately recorded Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru and danced in a group to STYLE in front of Tsunku.
16 girls were chosen from the fourth round.
  • Akiyama Eiko, 13
  • Honda Ruru, 11
  • Oshiro Maya, 13
  • Ikuta Aki, 10
  • Sato Minami, 14
  • Yamada Ayu, 11
  • Ueno Riko, 12
  • Akiyoshi Mana, 11
  • Fukumura Naomi, 16
  • Nao Hirona, 13
  • Koizumi Madoka, 12
  • Kagome Hanako, 13
  • Ito Miyuki, 11
  • Takagi Yumei, 15 (left during training camp)
  • Fujioka Ran, 13
  • Hamasaki Jun, 15


  • The winners were:
    • Honda Ruru
    • Oshiro Maya
    • Yamada Ayu
    • Ueno Riko
    • Akiyoshi Mana
    • Koizumi Madoka
    • Ito Miyuki
    • Fujioka Ran


  • This was the second trainee auditon that was covered by media outlets.
  • This audition is similar to a Morning Musume audition.
  • All winners were between the ages of 11-13.

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