Hero Idol Mode is a Wishes unit formed in May 2017, consisting completely of former Wishes Kenshuusei.


  •  Izanami Mira (イザナミ 見ら; Dark Orange Leader, Lead Vocals, Guitar)
  • Akashi Aoi (証 青い; Crimson Red; Sub-Leader, Vocals, Bass)
  • Yanagi Moe (柳 萌; Navy Blue; Drums)
  • Tsunagi Momoka (つなぎモモ科; Lavendar; Vocals, Lead Guitar)
  • Ueda Manna (上田 万あ; Yellow Green; Vocals, Keyboard)



At the beginning of the Wishes 2017 spring concert tour, it was announced that two new units would be formed from the Wishes Kenshuusei program. May 14, Hero Idol Mode was revealed to be one of those units. It was also announced that Hero Idol Mode would be making their indies debut in the summer of 2017.




  • [2017.08.07] Choudo Hangyaku sha (ちょうど反逆者; Just a rebel)

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