Hidden Passage is the first studio album by boy group Starlight, it will be released on July 24, 2017.

It contains a total of 18 tracks, with their first 5 singles, and seven solo tracks.


  1. Outro: Beautiful
  2. Goodnight Baby
  3. Right and Left - (Suzuki Yuito Solo)
  4. Hoshi No Yoru - (星の夜: Down The Starry Night)
  5. Gimmie Gimmie
  7. Top of the World - (Takenouchi Ren Solo)
  8. Ice Cream Truck
  9. Sacred Sword - (Lee Yejoon Solo)
  10. Shokubutsu No Seimei - (植物の生命: Plant Life)
  11. The Fairytale ~Expedition To Neverland~
  12. Night Life - (Kim Dokyeon Solo)
  13. Asleep - (Kamiya Minato Solo)
  14. Lucky Boy
  15. Sunflower - (Kim Hyunjoon Solo)
  16. Candle Light
  17. FROZEN - (Sato Ryuga Solo)
  18. Intro: Inside Out

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