Idol✰Days is a 2012 stage play featuring Morning Musume member Saburo Mami and several members of the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei. The stage play ran from June 22, 2012 to June 25, 2012. It was released on DVD October 2, 2012.


Main Cast

  • Saburo Mami as Saburo Tiara (三郎ティアラ)
  • Miyamoto Karin as Miyamoto Airi (宮本アイリ)
  • Tanabe Nanami as Tanabe Risa (田辺理沙)
  • Hamasaki Rinne as Hamasaki Miya (浜崎宮)
  • Oda Sakura as Oda Atsuko (小田敦子) 
  • Kosuga Fuyuka as Kosuga Aya (小菅彩) 

Supporting  Cast

  • Tsunku as Apollo (アポロ)
  • Akami as Sara (サラ)
  • THE Possible as Kokoro Key
  • Ohtani Masae as Saburo Tiara's Mother

NOTE: All of the remaining Hello! Project Kenshuusei at the time participated in the play from the two front rows, acting as an audience for the play. 


Saburo Tiara auditions for the idol group, Happy✰Days,and passes the audition. But as life as an idol progresses, Saburo starts to realize how life as an idol really is, and how it is not all "laidback and cool" as she thought it was. With the help of her fellow members, Saburo can make her idol life the way she wants it to be!


  1. Watashi no Idol Days!
  2. Koi no Revenge
  3. Haikei
  4. Wareware wa ushinawanai
  5. Superior!
  6. Sayonara.
  7. Watashi no Idol Days! (Reprise)

The songs were released as a indies EP on June 22,2012. It ranked #1 on the Indies Oricon Charts,with a total of 11,293 copies sold.

Koi no Revenge is a parody of Berryz Koubou's Koi no Jubaku.


  • The stage play was first announced May 12,2012.
  • This stage play was not produced by Gekipro, like most Hello!Project stage plays were (before 2014). It was produced by Drama Base.
  • Okamura Rise was originally listed as a participant rather than Tanabe Nanami when the stage play was first announced. However, four days later, Tanabe took over her role. It is believed that this has something to do with her withdrawl.

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