Idol Eggs is the first level of training in Idol Project.

The girls don't get a huge amount of work due to their age but they do release a yearly single and are featured on T.V shows commericals and are back-up dancers for main acts. They also have their own concerts.

Current Members

First Generation

  • Fujimoto Ayaka
  • Ono Haruko
  • Sato Akari
  • Arai Meimei
  • Tsukino Minako
  • Miyamoto Ayano
  • Taguchi Kiran
  • Nomura Rinne

Second Generation

  • Tsuji Kaori
  • Sato Minami
  • Hamasaki Jun
  • Sakurada Ichigo
  • Nakamura Aya
  • Kudo Kana
  • Nakanishi Maria

Third Generation

  • Muto Anna
  • Kitagawa Sae
  • Shibu Toshiko
  • Miyazaki Keiko
  • Mochizuki Ame
  • Takumei Arisa



Eight girls were added to the program and the name of their debut single is 'Lovely Melody' which is set to be release in August.

On April 14, seven girls were added to the program.

On October 13, the "baby idol" idea was dropped, as all members were aged between 8 and 10.


  • [2013-08-02] Lovely Melody


  • The girls come to practice after school each day, even though they don't have a lot of work.
  • All the girls are eight to ten.
  • Nomura Rinne has been the most promoted Egg, already she was added in a sub unit.

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