Rika Imada (今田理化) was born May 11, 2001.Imada Rika participated in Morning Musume's 10th generation auditions,but did not make it due to her young age.Imada is currently a member of the Hello!Project group Beach Musume -10.

Imada is also a former member of the acting company,ILU<3.



June 16,Imada joined the acting company ILU<3.She was the youngest member.


In early April,she left ILU<3 after injuring herself during a performance.

Imada participated in Morning Musume's 10th generation auditions.She was taken out of the auditions due to her young age and the fact that she was very sensitive.


Imada participated in the Beach Musume -10 1st Generation ~ Jyuu Onna ~ Auditions.

In December,it was revealed that Imada was one of the ten winners of the auditions.


Imada formed the group Puppet III with Hello!Project members Miyamoto Karin and Xiao Miya.Imada came up with the group,due to the fact that all three girls were talented actresses.


  • Name: Imada Rika (今田理化)
  • Nicknames: ImaIma,Riikaachii,Pikarika
  • Birthplace: Hokkaido,Japan
  • Birthdate: May 11, 2001 (2001-05-11) (age 16) 
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 151 cm
  • Hello!Project Status:
    • 2012-12-02 Member
    • 2012-12-02 Beach Musume -10 Member
    • 2012-12-03 Member
  • Months In Beach Musume -10/Hello!Project: 8 months
  • Beach Musume -10 ColorDark Green
  • Hobbies: Acting
  • Special Skills: Acting
  • Favorite Colors: Green,Black and Pink
  • Favorite Food: Grilled eel
  • Favorite Manga: Negima neo?!
  • Favorite song: HEART by Happy Jikan
  • Favorite Words: "Listen to your heart."
  • Motto: "Don't give up until you are sure that you did your best!"
  • Looks Up To: Yue Yuanjun and Koharu Kusumi
  • Hello!Project Groups
    • Beach Musume -10 (2012-present)
    • Sore Wa Shoujou (2012-present)



Beach Musume -10

  1. Sunahama
  2. Egao CITY
  3. Take Off!

Sore Wa Shoujou

  1. Get Together!It Girls!



  1. [2009.08.05~08.09] Tiny HEART
  2. [2009.10.21~10.29] Shonen/Shoujou/Nani?!
  3. [2010.03.14.~03.17] Kyou,Kyou,Kyou 
  4. [2010.08.19~08.28] Mirai,Mirai,Mirai
  5. [2010.12.13~12.19] GIRL'S DIARY
  6. [2011.03.29~04.05] The LAST Stage


  1. [2010.07.04] Danna-Sama


  • When she was auditioning for Beach Musume -10,the members of ILU<3 supported her and told her to be strong.
  • She has a very open personality,but is very shy and sensitive.
  • Imada said that one day,she will meet the creater of the anime/manga series Negima?!.
  • If she had not joined Beach Musume -10,she would return to ILU<3.
  • During the performance of The LAST Stage,she twisted her ankle.Hello!Pro Kenshuusei member Kobayashi Erika took over for her.
  • Is very close with Hello!Pro Kenshuusei member Kishimoto Yumeno and fellow Beach Musume -10 member Kihara Nina.

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