Infinite (無限) Is the first single of Do As Infinity (DAI). It released On March 9th, 2013.


Regular Edition

  1. Infinite
  2. Come Back, Darling
  3. Infinite (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A

  1. Infinite
  2. Watashi no warui
  3. Infinite (Instrumental)

Limited Edition B

  1. Infinite
  2. Watashi no kimochi wa bugendaidesu
  3. Infinite (Instrumental)

Featured Members

  1. Miyazawa Nobuko (宮沢信子,Chartreuse)
  2. Kada Oshiana (加太オセアナ,Fuchsia)
  3. Rima Ishiyama (リマ·石山,Turquoise)
  4. Kanon Matsuyama (カノン松山,Yellow)
  5. Aso Morishita (麻生森下,Crimson)


  • The single released on March 9th, 2013. It was a very sucsessful single, reaching the 1st spot on Oricon Charts the week of it's release.

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