Inoue Nozomi
Birthdate February 8, 1999 (1999-02-08) (age 19)
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Bloodtype O
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Height 158 cm
Professional Information
Occupation Singer, Model, Dancer, Idol
Years Active 2014-Present
(4 years)
Agency UP-FRONT PROMOTION (2014-Present)
Label UP-FRONT WORKS (2014-Present)
Associated Acts Hello Pro Idol, PLATINUM♦COIN
One Two Three! It's the purple member, Nozomi! I'm PLATINUM♦COIN's Inoue Nozomi! Please look after me!

–Inoue Nozomi, June 2016

Inoue Nozomi (井上希美) is a Japanese idol under Hello! Project Girls Division as a member of PLATINUM♦COIN and Girls Division Kenshuusei.


Early Life

Inoue Nozomi was born on February 8, 1999, in Tokyo, Japan to a couple whose names are undisclosed. Her younger sister is AKB48 member Inoue Hisame.


On April 3, Inoue was added to the second generation of the Girls Division Kenshuusei program alongside eight other girls.


On July 23, Inoue sustained a fracture in her right ankle. She went on temporary hiatus until mid-September.


On January 2, Inoue was announced as a member of PLATINUM♦COIN alongside Ouchi Hoshiko, Fukuda Konoe, Yamakawa Tamaki, Saito Ryouko, and Takahashi Cara.

Personal Life

Inoune has a younger sister, Inoue Hisame, who is a member of AKB48's Team 4.

When Inoue joined Girls Division Kenshuusei, she was a third year middle school student.

As of April 2016, she is attending her third year of high school.

Inoue participated in a cheer-leading unit from 2010 to 2014. She won two city titles in cheer-leading.

  • Nozomi (のぞみ): Official nickname, given to her since joining Girls Division Kenshuusei.
  • Nacchan (ナちゃん): Semi-Official nickname, used by fans and members.


  • Hobbies: Playing piano, singing, knitting
  • Special Skill: Piano
  • Charm Point: Smile
  • Favorite Subject: Literature
  • Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education
  • Favorite Food: Fried Eel
  • Least Favorite Food: Watermelon
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Song: "One•Two•Three" by Morning Musume
  • Looks Up To: Sayashi Riho, Tokunaga Chinami

Singles Participated In


Girls Division Kenshuusei

  • Matenrou CALL (Debut/Indies)
  • Aozora / IDOL IDOL (Final/Indies)



  • [2016] Ai de Massakasama ni YOU


  • She wanted to be an idol since a young age.
  • She states the most frustrating time in her life was when her younger sister got to join AKB48.
  • Inoue admits that the relationship she shares with her sister is strained, since they both joined two different agencies. They're close, but not as close as they used to be.
  • She's known to cry a lot when she get frustrated.
  • While Nozomi is her official nickname, she states that Nacchan is the nickname she prefers to go by.
  • Inoue auditioned for AKB48, but dropped out halfway through the audition due to illness.
  • Inoue states that her favorite experience as a trainee was when she performed on the same stage as other Girls Division members.
  • She's the "mature" member of PLATINUM♦COIN.

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