Intense♥ (激しい♥) is an all girl Japanese pop group under Hello! Project. The group was formed in 2013 with three members from Hello!Project DIVAS.

Their group color is Flame.


Current Members

First Generation (2013)

Second Generation (2016)

Former Members

First Generation (2013)



On July 18, Tsunku announced on his blog that he would be forming a new DIVAS. group, due to the success of Heartsx2. The group's name was revealed to be Intense♥ and the members of the group were announced to be Fujimoto Saki, Kyou Miwa, and Tamura Momoko. Their debut single will be Moetatsu Haato.

On July 19, Intense♥ became a part of Egao Lights.

On August 1, Intense♥ opened their Youtube channel and posted the first video of a documentary.

On August 12, Intense♥ announced that they would hold monthly concerts until March 15, which will be the day before their debut tour. The monthly concerts are titled, Intense♥ Circuit.

On August 28, the members graduated from H!D.

On October 18, their second single, Zero Ground / Heart • Throb was announced. It will be released January 1,2014.


On February 18, Fujimoto announced her graduation from the group in order to focus on her college studies. She will graduate from Intense♥ on December 1, 2016.

On July 19, Intense♥ added a sub member from the DIVAS. program, Yuzuki Nana. She will remain a sub member and DIVAS. member until December 1, 2016.



  1. [2013.09.30] Moetatsu Haato
  2. [2014.01.01] Zero Ground / Heart • Throb
  3. [2014.05.18] Jidai Jidai! / SHINE OUT
  4. [2014.09.30] REFLECTION / Boogie Dash
  5. [2015.04.28] Kirai Kirai / Love Wing
  6. [2015.08.20] WONDER RUSH / Shuuchuu♥Chikara
  7. [2015.12.16] Oh YEAH!!! / Hageshi Kanjou / WINTER SNOW MELODY
  8. [2016.03.14] Gradation / Aishiteru Banzai! / Umbrella
  9. [2016.07.23] Killer Summer! / LOVE'S JUMPING HEART


  • [2015.09.07] THE FIRST


Concert Tours

Intense♥ Circuits

Wave 1

Wave 2


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