On July 9th, Momo Nyan was featured in a special Interview on International Interview~Japan Expo 2013~. She was asked series of questions and they even had a small performance. She talked about their new anime Onee Adventures, which broacasts worldwide the next day.

Interview Portion

Q- Is being an Idol everything you expected?

A- Well, when I first auditioned for Onee Nyan, I really had no Idea what I was getting into. I knew that as an Idol, I was going to have lots of work. I love being an idol, and making people happy all over the world. I hope that one day, I'll be able to tour the entire world with the rest of Hello!Project!

Q- What is your role in the new anime, Onee Adventures, airing tomorrow wordwide?

A- I'm super excited, not everyone gets an anime made after them. I'm happy that everyone around the world is tuned into us. I play myself, and It shows me as being the leader of Onee Nyan, and how we exist together and work as a group. I can't really give many spoilers, but I can say that the anime, is a definite watch!

Q- Your becoming a soloist soon, what do you expect to come from it?

A- Well, I really hope that one day, after Onee Nyan and MomoxMomo is no longer in my life, that I can be just as popular as I am now. I feel that Soloists don't get as much popularity from being in idol groups. I mean, look at AKB48, and Morning Musume. People become soloists after being in large, popular groups, and they aren't as popular. I wish to stay an idol forever!

Other happenings of the day

Momo Nyan was featured in a handshake event, and also sang a few songs while there.

She sang the following songs

  1. Momoiro Rainbow-MomoxMomo
  2. Nyantastic-Onee Nyan
  3. Suru toki wa watashi no saishuutekini kanau negaidarou ka?- Preview for her solo single

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