Ishimaru Mei (石丸メイ)

Also Known As

IshiMei, Mei-chan, Meihei, Sassy-chan

Born On

May 12, 1998 (1998-05-12) (age 19)


Shiga, Japan


Japanese Pop



Years Active

2013 - Present



Associated Acts

Polaris α, DreamS, NeXus, Nagare★boshi

Ishimaru Mei (石丸メイ, born May 12, 1998) is a Japanese singer under collective group DreamS and is a member of the Japanese Pop group Hana❀Emi



Ishimaru Mahiru was announced at a NeXus live event in the Kanagawa Prefecture along with all the other members of Hana❀Emi. She was found at the hidden auditions that was conducted by DreamS. She was one of the 11 girls who passed the audition out of 6,765 girls.

Ishimaru Mei (April 2013)


  • Name: Ishimaru Mei (石丸メイ)
  • Nickname: IshiMei, Mei-chan, Meihei, Sassy-chan
  • Birthday: May 12, 1998 (1998-05-12) (age 19)
  • Birthplace: Shiga, Japan
  • Blood type: AB
  • Height: 158cm (5"2)
  • DreamS Status:
    • 20113-04-10: Member
  • Years in Hana❀Emi: 4 Years, 4 Months
  • Hana❀Emi color: Daffodil
  • Eastern Zodiac: Tiger
  • Western Zodiac: Taurus
  • Charm Point: Smile
  • Weak Point: Hard to talk to others
  • Strong Point: Always Smiling
  • Favourite Animal: Cat
  • Special Skill: Violin
  • Hobbies: Singing, collecting Hello Kitty goods
  • Favorite Foods: Sandwich
  • Least Favorite Foods: Chocolate Cake
  • Favorite Colors: Pink, Light Colors
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball
  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook, A Walk to Remember
  • Quality you have that you won't lose to anyone: My love for Hello Kitty!
  • Motto: "Ball is Life"
  • Looks up to: Polaris α
  • Favorite Song: "Filter" by Akimoto Miharu
  • DreamS groups:


  • Is known for her soft, princess-like voice -- just like NeXusSugiura Asuka.
  • Is the princess of Hana❀Emi.
  • Is well-known for her shocking sarcastic personality.
  • Auditioned for DreamS to sing more (because she loves singing).
  • She loves Basketball, and was on the basketball team at her school.
  • Believes in magic
  • Wants to have a strong voice like Suzuki EriYamada AyumuSatou Miki and Akimoto Miharu.
  • She is currently in her second year of university.

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