JOKER (ジョーカー) is a new H!P unit formed in 2014 with two trainees. The unit made their official debut in 2015, and as of February 5, 2017, are under Wishes.




On October 18, JOKER was announced by Akami on a special episode of Hello! Station. They made their official debut at the Hello! Project Winter Tour.


JOKER made their official debut with the single "MAGICAL GIRL / Seishun Beat no Odoru!" on January 21. On the release of the single, JOKER'S nationwide livehouse tour was announced.


June 16, JOKER released their first album, The Magical Card Debut.


February 5, JOKER became an official unit under Wishes.



  1. [2015.01.21] MAGICAL GIRL / Seishun Beat no Odoru!
  2. [2015.05.18] Tomodachi no Takaramono / STARTERS
  3. [2015.11.01] TIME'S UP / FRIDAY NIGHT BASH / Watashi no Memory
  4. [2016.03.13] THE JESTER / Ai Nitsuite Joudan o Itte / ENTERTAIN ME BABE
  5. [2016.09.08] Beat o Takaramono! (ビートを宝物!)
  6. [2017.01.12] Bara wa Ao, Hato wa Aka (バラは青、鳩は赤)
  7. [2017.05.18] Aozora, Midori no Me (青空、緑の目)


  1. [2016.06.16] The Magical Card Debut


  • Murota was a DIVAS. member, while Enomoto was a Wishes Kenshuusei.
  • Both girls were born in the same month and year.
  • The girls underwent special training until January 2, 2015 with X as their mentor group.

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