JUNON 9 (ジュノン9, Original 9) is a Japanese pop group signed to Hello! Project Girls Division. They were formed in 2015 with nine members.

JUNON 9's highest selling single is "Ame no Naka de Odoru / Wink wa Sankai / MIRACLE JAM!!!" with 157,978 copies sold, while their lowest selling single is "Kira Kira SOLUTION / Rakka Shite iru / Joudandaro" with only 45,341 copies sold.

Their official group color is Gold.




On July 11, the formation of JUNON 9 was announced. They had their stage debut with the dance routine to One•Two•Three.

On July 18, JUNON 9 announced their debut single, Jinsei MY WAY / Ninja Girl / DIAMOND.



  1. [2015.09.18] Jinsei MY WAY / Ninja Girl / DIAMOND
  2. [2016.02.20] Kira Kira SOLUTION / Rakka Shite iru / Joudandaro
  3. [2016.07.01] DON'T YOU WANNA DANCE / Kirabiyakana Summer Day! / Otome no Junon
  4. [2016.10.13] Ame no Naka de Odoru / Wink wa Sankai / MIRACLE JAM!!! (雨の中で踊る /

ウインクは3回 / MIRACLE JAM!!!; Dancing in the Rain / Wink 3 Times / MIRACLE JAM!!!)

  1. [2017.01.19] Tonari no Kare wa Kakko Yoku Mieru / Koisuru Ribbon! / Soramimi (隣の彼はカッコよく見える / 恋するRibbon! / 空耳; The Guy Next to Me Looks Cool / Ribbon in Love! / Misheard)
  2. [2017.06.05] Yume Hitotsu / Otona Ressha / Bouenkyou no Nai Tenmondai (夢ひとつ / 大人列車 / ji Title

望遠鏡のない天文台; One Dream / Train to Adulthood / Observatory Without a Telescope)


  • Ukiyo Eiko and Izumi Utako are the only trainees in the group.
  • Their main focus is dance.

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