Jun Mizoguchi

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 Jun Mizoguchi(溝口ジュン; Mizoguchi Jun)  is a current first generation member and current leader of the Hello! Project all-male group SECRET Otoko.


Real Name: Junnosuke Mizoguchi (溝口淳之介; Mizoguchi Junnosuke)

Stage Name: Jun Mizoguchi (溝口ジュン; Mizoguchi Jun)

Nicknames: Miso-san, Jun-kun, Rida-senpai

Birthday: December 5, 1992 (Age 24)

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Charmpoint: Yellow Highlights

Weakpoint: Weak dancing skills

Favorite Foods: Taoyaki, egg rolls, green tea ice cream

Least Favorite Foods: Taro, sashimi, bone marrow

Favorite Subject: Japanese

Least Favorite Subject: Mathematics

Motto: "It's never too late!"

Favorite English Word: Japan

SECRET Otoko Color: Gold

Favorite Band: Hey! Say! JUMP

Favorite Hey! Say! JUMP Song: "Time"

Favorite SECRET Otoko Song: "SECRETS :-O"

  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • SECRET Otoko


  • Jun and SECRET Otoko co-member, Kai Kawasaki, are currently the oldest members of the group at twenty-four.
  • He is close friends with SECRET Otoko sub-leader and twin brother of LOVE Musume's Sakiko Kawasaki, Kai Kawasaki.
  • He has a strong hatred for raw foods and taro.
  • He's more active at night.
  • He says that his ideal girl should be: kind, thoughtful, a good cook, loves to watch the stars, and has a great personality.
  • He is currently enrolled at Waseda University, majoring in Performing Arts.
  • He once wanted to join Johnny's as a child but decided that he would probably have trouble dealing with all the pressure.
  • His dream is to travel the world.
  • He is not good under pressure.
  • He is afraid of heights.


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