KONO SAITEN ~Happy Jikan~ (この祭典〜幸せなじかん) was Happy Jikan's 2002 Spring tour. It was the returning concert of Zhou Jia, due to the fact that she was suspended from Happy Jikan for a certain amount of time.


  1. VTR
  2. SHOOTING STAR ~Girl's Dream~
  3. Ài
  4. MC 1
  5. Utsukushii
  6. YEAH! Good Jinsei
  7. HEART
  8. Subarashii Ongaku O Subarashii Uta
  9. SHIORI...
  10. Believe
  11. MC2
  12. Artemis to Apollo 
  13. Sorry (First Generation)
  14. Hitei,Fǒurèn (Second Generation)
  15. Renai Revolution 21
  16. ENDING

Featured Members

  • First Generation: Su Meili,Chen Jingfei & Zhou Jia (Return)
  • Second Generation: Huang Ning & Xie Biyu

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