Ka-wa-ii! August 2014 FC Event ~Colorful Noise~ (かわいい! 2014年8月FCイベント〜カラフルノイズ〜) was Ka-wa-ii!'s 2014 FC event. It took place on August 24, 2014 at the Nakano Sun Plaza.


FC Event

  1. Ka-wa-ii! Member Introductions
  2. Muchaburi Taimu~
  3. Ka-wa-ii! to Wota Karaoke battle!
  4. Color Shuffle
  5. Game Corner
  6. Fashion show <featuring special guest>


  1. Akai Seifuku
  2. Rock On!~
  3. Pulse
  5. Tada Odore!
  6. Eien Idol
  7. Perfect Idol
  9. Get in SYNC
  10. WONDER RUSH!!!
  11. Go Girl Go!

Featured Members

Color Shuffle

At this event, the colors were shuffled, so each girl got a new color. Mahiro will not receive a color, and will keep blue. Also, the 5th generation's colors weren't revealed.

  • Nao - Green
  • Taguchi - Onyx
  • Kobayashi - Silver
  • Tatsuki - Pink
  • Nakayaki - Orange
  • Higo - Yellow
  • Aoki - Emerald Green
  • Saito - Lavender


  • The guest were chosen by Mahiro Rima.
  • The Karaoke battle was won by 11 year old Abe Chiyuki. Abe went up against Mahiro Rima.
  • Juliet and Komura Hanako didn't participate in this event.

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