Kagayaku☼Sunshine (輝く☼サンシャイン) is a Japanese pop group signed to Hello! Project Girls Division. The group was originally formed in May 2015 with six girls from the Hello!Project DIVAS. program.


Current Members

First Generation (2015)

  • Takahashi Aiko (高橋愛子; Pink) - Leader
  • Kojima Hanayo (小島花代; Yellow) - Sub-Leader
  • Oda Ayame (小田あやめ; Purple)
  • Hatayama Mikie (畑山幹恵; Orange)
  • Sakata Mizuho (酒田みずほ; Red)

Second Generation (2017)

  • Aida Yuna (会田由奈; Green)

Former Members

  • Yabuki Aira (矢吹姶良; Blue; Graduated, 05/20/2017)



On May 5, Kagayaku☼Sunshine was formed with Hello!Project DIVAS. members Takahashi Aiko, Kojima Hanayo, Yabuki Aira, Oda Ayame, Hatayama Mikie, and Sakata Mizuho. They'll begin activities in 2015 as an indies unit.

On June 1, Kagayaku☼Sunshine released their first indies single, "SUNSHINE COUNTY / Aoi Natsu"

On August 13, Kagayaku☼Sunshine participated in IDOL BLITZ 2015 alongside Takoyaki•Girls.

On Auugust 26, Kagayaku☼Sunshine released their second indies single, "HELLO DAY".

On October 16, Kagayaku☼Sunshine's major debut single was announced for release on January 15, 2016.


Kagayaku☼Sunshine made their major debut on January 15 with the single, "Kagayaku no Sunshine/ TOKYO / Kimi no Kioku".

On April 12, Kagayaku☼Sunshine had their first one-man live.

On November 3, Yabuki Aira announced her graduation from Kagayaku☼Sunshine and her intent to retire from the entertainment industry. She will graduate in Spring 2017.


On March 11, Kagayaku☼Sunshine released their fourth major single, "ON THE RUN / Tomo yo". This would be the final single to feature Yabuki Aira.

On May 20, Yabuki graduated from Kagayaku☼Sunshine and left Hello! Project Girls Division and UP FRONT as a whole.



Indies Singles

  1. [2015.06.01] SUNSHINE COUNTY / Aoi Natsu
  2. [2015.08.26] HELLO DAY
  3. [2015.10.09] Halloween Parade

Major Singles

  1. [2016.01.15] Kagayaku no Sunshine/ TOKYO / Kimi no Kioku
  2. [2016.06.23] TROUBLE BUSTERS! / Tottemo Tottemo MIRACLE / Natura
  3. [2016.11.04] WELCOME THE DAY / Odoru, Odoru, Odoru!! / LUCKY☆STAR
  4. [2017.03.11] ON THE RUN / Tomo yo
  5. [2017.07.02] Watashi ga Ite, Kimi ga Iru / Unmei / Seishun no Power


  1. [2017.04.29] 1, 2, SUNSHINE!!!


  • According to Ala, their sound and theme will vary.

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