Kira Sato
Kira Sato (佐藤キラ; Sato Kira) is a current first generation member of Hello! Project and EXTREMEX's trio girl group CR8ZY Love .


  • Name: Kira Sato (佐藤キラ)
  • Nicknames: Kirara, Kira-rin, Kira-chan
  • Birthdate: February 14, 1998 (Age: 16)
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
  • CR8ZY Love Color: Silver (former: Bronze)
  • EXTREMEX Groups:

  • Charmpoint: Giving out high energy
  • Weakpoint: Origami
  • Favorite Foods: Sweet & Sour pork, yakisoba, beef stew
  • Least Favorite Foods: Shiitake mushrooms, sushi, sashimi
  • Favorite Subject: Japanese
  • Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education
  • Motto: "Sparkle from the inside to the out."
  • Favorite English Word: Sparkle
  • Favorite Band: Buono!
  • Favorite Flower: Japanese cherry blossom
  • Favorite Buono! Song: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"
  • Favorite CR8ZY Love Song: "Mukankeina Kimochi"
  • Favorite Manga: "Seiyuu Ka!", "Otomen", "Strobe Edge"


  • She has a younger brother named Tsukasa.
  • She says that she can't stand the noise of flies.
  • She has stated herself that she does not count origami as one of her skills.
  • She stated that her realationship with her brother is a bit competitive.
  • If she wasn't in CR8ZY Love; she would try modeling.

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