Kisu Kisu Kisu (Kiss Kiss Kiss) is the second part of a four part Happy Jikan digital single series. It features the sixth generation respectively. It will be released on June 6, 2013 on iTunes in three editions, one regular, one limited, and one special edition.


Regular Edition

  1. Kisu Kisu Kisu
  2. Eien SMILE(Wang Dao Ming, Zheng May Ai, Sun Fang)
  3. Kisu Kisu Kisu (Instrumental)

Limited Edition

  1. Kisu Kisu Kisu
  2. Tomodachi of Mine (Wu Jiao, Aoi Xiao, Zheng Mei)
  3. Kisu Kisu Kisu (Instrumental)

Special Edition *Hoi Daiyu Edition*

  1. Kisu Kisu Kisu
  2. Past to Future (Hoi Daiyu solo)
  3. Kimagure Princess (Morning Musume Cover)
  4. Kisu Kisu Kisu (Instrumental)

Featured Members

Song Information


  • This is the only Happy Jikan digital single to have a "Special Editon".
  • Hoi Daiyu was given a solo, due to her progress over the years as boss of Happy Jikan.
  • This is the first digital single to feature Sun Fang as center.
  • Aoi Xiao  chose the B side cover for this single, Kimagure Princess, because she liked "sexy & cool" Happy Jikan alot and it is one of her favorite songs.
  • Past to Future was writen by Hoi Daiyu.
  • This single is only sold on iTunes.

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