October 3, 2000 (Age 13)

Also Known as

Kat-chii, Katsten, Katsee, Ten

Years Active




Member Color

Neon Yellow

Birth name

Asahina Kristen

AQW Account

Violet2279 (Level 31)

Kristen is a member of Believe! Morning Musume. She is the 2nd youngest member. They say she has the resemblance of a cat because she often licks the back of her hand and she has long nails.


  • Birth Name: Asahina Kristen
  • Stage Name: Kristen
  • Nicknames: Katsee, Kat, Curse
  • Birthdate: October 3, 2000
  • Birthplace: Philippines
  • Bloodtype: B
  • Height: 154cm
  • Specialty: Cat-like, Yaoi (looking it up and saving it)
  • Hobby: Drawing, Writing, Reading, Watching Anime
  • Looks up to: Suzuki Kanon
  • Hello! Project Status: 2012-Present
  • In Believe! Morning Musume: 2012-Present
  • Believe! Morning Musume Color: Was Neon Yellow, but was recently changed to Neon Red.
  • Motto: Nyan~, "You can't help it, we're all mad here" - Cheshire Cat
  • Favorite Words: Nyan, Urushite Nyan~
  • Favorite Food: Lollipops, Tuna, Chocolate, Magnum, Ramen, Milk Tea, Curry, Curry Bread
  • Disliked Food: Most Meat, Milk, Melon, Mayonaisse, Sour Soup
  • Favorite Colors: Black, Gray, Red, White
  • Favorite Flowers:
  • Favorite Season: Spring
  • Favorite Singers: Suzuki Kanon
  • Favorite Animals: Cats
  • Favorite Morning Musume Songs: Pyoco Pyoco Ultra
  • Hello! Project Groups:



November 12, She was placed into the unit PonPonii along with Reana

November 15, She revealed to be using the surname "Asahina"

November 19, She was placed into the unit Holiday Three along with Mandi and Jessica.


January 11, It was announced that she would be helping AQW in producing Singer Class, a class Reana made last year and turned in her design and idea to AQW last week. She would be singing various songs in English and in Japanese to be used for the skills of the class. Her voice will be used for Rank 5-9 Singer Class female version.

May 5, She returned from her 2-week-trip to America.

June 10, It was found out that she made it to the honor class in her school.


Believe! Morning Musume

PonPonii Singles


  • [12.08.2012] Mad


  • Despite liking cats she is in fact allergic to them.
  • When she always has a jacket but only ties it around her waist---for fun.
  • She often licks her hand.
  • She was once dared by Reana to say "Urushite Nyan" instead of sorry and say "Nyan" at the end of every sentence for a day. She forgot about it halfway through the day so she failed.
  • Reana and Mandi said that she turned "unsocial" once 7th Grade started.
  • She's often followed around by Reana and Mandi.
  • Reana usually sees her alone and starts saying "Lonely Kitty".
  • Reana attempted to teach her "Anataboshi" but since she can't do really tiring things she didn't learn it (Considering the fact you have to move fast and try to catch your breath while dancing, the dance also has lots of jumps and kicks which made it especially tiring even for Reana).
  • She used to be the shortest member but Reana noticed during 7th Grade that Kristen surpassed Mandi (who is currently the shortest) and also surpassed herself (Reana).
  • She wears glasses and is very proud of them.
  • Her hair is curly.
  • She is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.