Lin Ju
Lin JuJuly2013
Birthdate July 30, 1999 (1999-07-30) (age 18)
Birthplace Beijing, China
Professional Information
Occupation Singer, Idol, Actress, Model
Years Active 2010-Present
Agency UP FRONT PROMOTION (2013-Present)
Label Up Front Works (2013)
BH Records (2013-Present)
Group Happy Jikan
Generation 8th Generation
Associated Acts H.P. Super Idols, Hello!Project Foreigners
I want to become the best entertainer out there! I'll do my best from now on to make sure my dream happens!

–Lin Ju, December 2014

Lin Ju (郦居) was born July 30, 1999. Lin is a former fifth generation member of the Hello!Project Foreigners and a current eighth generation member of Happy Jikan. Lin is also a former Up-Front Kenshuusei.

Lin Ju daiyu11

Lin Ju, April 2013


Lin Ju, as a Foreigner


2010- 2012

In July 2010, Ju joined Up Front Kenshuusei as a transfer member from China.

Around December 2012, Ju left the program to audition for Ka-wa-ii!.


In January, Ju participated in the ~Ka-wa-ii-Chan!~Be Alive Today!~ Ka-wa-ii Second Generation!~ auditions but failed to passed.

On March 17, Ju joined as a fifth generation Foreigner. It was also revealed that she is currently participating in Happy Jikan's 8th generation auditions. Her audition song was MIRAI LOVE by Happy Jikan.

During the auditions, Ju cut her hair.

April 10, it was announced that Lin Ju had passed Happy Jikan's eighth generation auditions along with Tang Juan,Lee Mia,and surprise addition Peng Shan.

On April 11, Ju dyed her hair brown.


  • Name: Lin Ju
  • Nickname: Lili (リリー), NakkiChu (ナッキチュー)
  • Birthplace: Beijing, China
  • Birthdate: July 30, 1999 (1999-07-30) (age 18)
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Height: 152 cm
  • Hello! Project Status
    • 2013-03-17 Foreigner
    • 2013-03-17 Member
    • 2013-04-10 Foreigner Graduated
    • 2013-04-10 Happy Jikan Member
    • 2010-07-17 Member
  • Happy Jikan Color:
    •  Sky Blue (2013-2014)
    • Silver (2014-Present)
  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Up Front Groups:
    • ​Up Front Kenshuusei (2010-2012)


Singles Participated In


  • [2013.05.01] Greeting ~Lin Ju~ (e-Hello! DVD)
  • [2014.04.13] NEXT STEP


Cover Girl

  • [2014.01.01] TOP YELL

Featured on the cover


TV Programs


  • [2013-] Happy Jikan 8ki RADIO
  • [2013-2014] Lin Ju CHINA TO NIPPON!
  • [2015-] Juju Radio!


  • She resembles Oda Sakura in facial structure and hairstyle.
  • Her number one goal was to become a member of Happy Jikan, which she succeeded.
  • She had little activity in UFP due to her lack of Japanese but, after the Happy Jikan eigth generation auditions, Lin improved on her Japanese.
  • Lin wants to be the "childish yet reliable" one in her generation.
  • She's a big Happy Jikan fan
  • Has four dogs and six cats.
  • She's close friends with Eguchi Rin, Oda Sakura and Bui Shun.
  • Oda Sakura calls Ju NakkiChu.
  • Her first goods sold out in approximately one hour.
  • Fans state that she could become the next big thing in Hello! Project.
  • She was one of the most popular foreigners. 
  • She cried when she found out she was in Happy Jikan.
  • Her best friend in Happy Jikan is Bui Shun.
  • Her goal in Happy Jikan is to become popular and become a top dancer.
  • Her official Foreigner photo shows Ju with short hair since she cut her hair during training camp. The photo was supposedly taken on April 9, one day before Ju became a Happy Jikan member.
  • It's noted in an old interview she said:
    • "I don't think Zeng Yun takes her job seriously. She's a sad thing to see in HaJi, she doesn't work hard at all. If I had her spot, I would work hard to become center. She just sits there, and does nothing." However, in a more recent interview, she said her opinion of Zeng changed, as she didn't know Zeng on a personal level.
  • She usually clings onto Eguchi Rin or Hoi Daiyu.
  • She's extremely childish, but other Happy Jikan members considers her very responsible.
  • According to various H!P members, Lin has a very poisonous tongue.
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