Luo Huan (罗呼鹌) was born July 9, 1997. Luo is a member of Genki Jikan and a former member of 6.5 generation Hello!Project Foreigners.



In March, Luo participated in the Happy Jikan ~Anata no Koe o Nageru!~ Eigth Generation Auditions. She was a finalist, but failed to pass.

On April 10, Luo was added to Hello!Project Foreigners, along with Cai Yanyu, Peng Shan, and Tong Mingxia, as a 6.5 generation member.

On July 28, Luo became a founding member of Genki Jikan, with five other girls. 

The same day, Luo graduated from the Foreigners and became a full member of Hello! Project.

On July 29, Luo's Twitter was deactivated.


  • Name: Luo Huan
  • Nicknames: Anchan, Huan
  • Birthdate: July 9, 1997 (1997-07-09) (age 20)
  • Birthplace: Beijing, China
  • Height: 161.2 cm
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Hello! Project Status
    • 2013-04-10 Foreigner
    • 2013-07-28 Foreigner Graduated
    • 2013-07-28 Genki Jikan Member
    • 2013-07-28 Member
    • ​2013-07-28 Member
  • Genki Jikan Color: Blue
  • Specialty: Jumping rope
  • Favorite Food: Dragon fruit
  • Looks up to: Wang Dao Ming, Wu Jiao,Tanaka Reina
  • Hello!Project Groups


  • During the Happy Jikan eighth generation, Tsunku said this about her;
    • "Luo has a lot of talent, but isn't that outgoing. She stands out, but I think it may be best if she doesn't debut, hopefully, she'll improve."
  • She doesn't eat beef.
  • She currently the second most popular of her generation in the Hello!Project Foreigners.
  • When Morning Musume came to Thailand, she tried to hug Tanaka Reina, but got pushed back by security. After becoming a Foreigner, she told Tanaka about it and she hugged her. Luo says that was the best day of her life.
  • A 2013 goal for Luo is to develop more of an interesting personality.
  • Luo had a twitter.She was inactive on her twitter during the Happy Jikan auditions.
  • When a fan on twitter asked her about how she felt about failing the eigth generation Happy Jikan auditions,Luo replied "I feel great and I don't regret a thing :).".
  • Luo is a big fan of AKB48.
  • Her close friends in Hello! Project are Ikuta Erina, Peng Shan, and Da Meilu.
  • Her oshimen in AKB48 is Kojima Haruna.
  • She's close friends with AKB member, Kojima Mako.

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