Mami Sohma

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Mami Sohma( 相馬真美; Sohma Mami) is a current first generation member of the Hello! Project all-girl,seifuku-themed group Dorimuhato.


Name: Mami Sohma

Nicknames: Mimi, Mami-chan, Mimi-chii

Birthday: December 25, 1994 (Age: 18)

Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan

Charmpoint: Maintains good balance

Weakpoint: Gets angry easily

Favorite Foods: Shumai, mentaiko bread, dried seaweed

Least Favorite Foods: Sea cucumber, sashimi, raw seaweed

Favorite Subject: Japanese

Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Motto: "A smile a day keeps the sadness away!"

Favorite English Word: Smile

Dorimuhato Color: Blush Pink

Favorite Band: Morning Musume

Favorite Flower: Hibiscus

Favorite Morning Musume Song: "Mr. Moonlight (Ai no Big Band)"

Favorite Dorimuhato Song: "Eien no Anata no Mono"

Favorite Manga: "Crazy For You", "Houkago x Ponytail", "Backstage Prince"

  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Dorimuhato


  • She is the second oldest child in her family.
  • She is bilingual.
  • She says that she doesn't dance very well.
  • If she wasn't in Dorimuhato; she would continue in her studies.
  • She is close friends with Cute & Buono! member Airi Suzuki.

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