Mayonaka no LAST KISS/ Anata to Watashi no Ai no Monogatari (真夜中のLAST KISS/あなたとわたしの愛の物語; Midnight LAST KISS/ You and Me Our Love Story) is the title of EXTREMEX soloist Sakura Moegi's debut single that was released on July 18, 2012.

Track Listing:

  1. Mayonaka no LAST KISS
  2. Anata to Watashi no Ai no Monogatari
  3. First Love (Hikaru Utada Cover)
  4. Kokoro no Namida
  5. Koi no Hana
  6. K.O.I.
  7. Mayonaka no LAST KISS (Instrumental Version)
  8. Anata to Watashi no Ai no Monogatari (Instrumental Version)
  9. Koroko no Namida (Instrumental Version)
  10. Koi no Hana (Instrumental Version)
  11. K.O.I (Instrumental Version)


  • This single is currently Sakura's best-selling single as of now.
  • First Love is Sakura's cover version of the hit-single by Hikaru Utada; her favorite artist.
  • The single helped promote Sakura's official YouTube Channel.
  • Sakura wrote the lyrics to the songs Mayonaka no LAST KISS, Anata to Watashi no Ai no Monogatari, and Kokoro no Namida while Tsunku had written the rest of the remainder of songs for the single.
  • Kokoro no Namida and Koi no Hana have a ballad-like sound to them.
  • K.O.I. is the only song listed under the pop genre.

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