Melon Kinenbi ZERO (メロン記念日ゼロ) is the revival group of the 1999 Hello!Project unit, Melon Kinenbi. Melon Kinenbi ZERO's formation was revealed October 27, 2013.


  • Fukuhara Chinatsu (福原ちなつ; Pink) LeaderIn charge of intelligence
  • Daisuke Yoko (大輔洋子; OrangeSub Leader; In charge of pure
  • Sugiura Aya (杉浦綾; Green) In charge of fashion
  • Goro Haruko (五郎晴子; BlueIn charge of boyish



On October 27, during Morning Musume's Fall Tour, the revival groups of Melon Kinenbi and v-u-den was revealed. The members were confirmed to be failed finalists of Morning Musume's 12th generation. The member colors were assigned by a random drawing.

Melon Kinenbi ZERO had a winter joint concert titled, Melon Kinenbi to Melon Kinenbi Zero Revival Concert 2013 ~Ikimasshoi! YEAH!~, with the original Melon Kinenbi.

Melon Kinenbi ZERO's debut single titled, ZERO FAILIURE/Kanshou Yosei Monogatari, will be released on February 4, 2014.



  1. [2014.02.04] ZERO FAILIURE / Kanshou Yosei Monogatari
  2. [2014.06.18] BE YOU / Setchi Shita
  3. [2014.11.24] Shining Onnako / Akai Freesia <ZERO EDIT>
  4. [2015.05.13] NO REGRETS / Sore o Ataeru!
  5. [2015.10.28] This is Unmei / Wasurerareta Aki / HEARTBEAT
  6. [2016.02.19] SHOUT! / Amai Anata no Aji <ZERO EDIT>
  7. [2016.07.01] SUMMER PARTY STORY / Forgetful Me / MELON POP


  • All the members failed a Morning Musume Audition.
  • The group's goal is to be memorable.

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