Moto Koibito is Shizen Musume's 4th and final indies single. It was released September 21. 2012. It sold 42,038 copies.


  1. Moto Koibito
  2. Moto Koibito (Instrumental)

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Song Information

  • Moto Koibito
    • Composition: Akami
    • Lyrics and Arrangement: Tsunku
    • Vocals:
      • Main Vocals: Fukumoto Emi, Minami Yuki
      • Minor Vocals: Mochizuki Hiromi

Song Comment

"Moto Koibito is a sad sort of song; a reminiscence of a past love gone unnoticed or wrong. And the built up feelings of anger and sadness that are left behind. Should be a very emotional song. Includes some speaking parts by Minami Yuki and Sakamoto Mayuri.


Shizen Musume
Members1st Gen: Mochizuki Hiromi (L), Fukumoto Emi, Sakamoto Mayuri
2nd Gen: Fukumoto Emi, Kia Su Ling, Arai Kanon, Kanazawa Keiko, Ishida Kaori, Suzuki Eru
Former Members1st Gen: Minami Yuki
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Major: 01, 02, 03, 04
AlbumsOriginal: 01, 02
Related UnitsHello!Project Foreigners, Hello!Project Foreigners, Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

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