Muraoka Toshiko (村岡とし子) was born April 23, 1998. She is a Japanese pop singer signed under Hello! Project. She is currently a member of the group C-ute as well as being a member of the Hello! Project Kids. She joined Hello! Project Kids in 2002 through the audition and was later put into ℃-ute in 2005. As well as being in both C-ute and the Hello! Project Kids, Muraoka is also member of the group FLYING and a member of the group Girls Revolution.



Muraoka Toshiko took place in the Hello! Project Kids audition at the age of 4 and passed with 15 other girls. Her audition song was Sorry by Happy Jikan.


In early 2003, Muraoka joined the group FLYING alongside Muramoto Chie and Ishikawa Rika.

Muraoka continued her work within the Hello! Project Kids, namely performing alongside Morning Musume concerts as a backing dancer.

In late 2004, Muraoka took part in her first Hello! Project shuffle unit, H.P. All Stars, taking part alongside all the members of Hello! Project at the time. The shuffle unit released one single and became inactive by January 2005.


In 2005,Muraoka was assigned as a member of Hello! Project group ℃-ute alongside eight other Hello! Project Kids members. These nine members had been passed over when it came to the forming of Berryz Koubou, which had originally been formed to teach the Hello! Project Kids about being in a group by rotating the line-up amongst the kids. Originally ℃-ute was releasing on an indie label,but in 2007 they made their major debut.


Muraoka Toshiko released four indie singles as a part of ℃-ute in this year as a preparation for the major debut in 2007. ℃-ute also released their first album, "Cutie Queen Vol. 1".


On February 21, ℃-ute released their debut single, "Sakura Chirari". On the first day in the charts it ranked third on the Oricon charts, a feat not even accomplished by Hello! Project's mother group Morning Musume (who had ranked 6th on their debut single). With their debut single, they became the youngest group (with the average age of 13) to rank in the top 10. Muraoka served main vocals for the single.


April, Muraoka and Suzuki Airi opened their own Ustream channel called "SuzuMura".


March 21, it was confirmed that Morning Musume member Suzuki Kanon, Berryz Koubou member Tokunaga Chinami and Muraoka herself were joining the group Girls Revolution.


Muraoka released her first solo album "401 MURAOKA". 401 MURAOKA featured various Hello!Project song covers,and even some UP FRONT PROMOTION covers.


January 18, It was announced that Muraoka was diagnosed with influenza and would not be able to perform at the Hello! Project Winter 2013 concerts, nor attend the Kono Machi events. She was announced that she was healthy on her blog February 8.


  • Name: Muraoka Toshiko (村岡とし子)
  • Nickname: Okan-san, ToshiToshi, Shiko-chan
  • Birthdate: April 23, 1998 (age 15)
  • Birthplace: Zama, Kanagawa, Japan
  • Bloodtype: A
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Western Zodiac: Aries
  • Hobbies: Break dancing
  • Years In C-ute: 7 years
  • C-ute Color: Orange
  • Girls Revolution Color: Light Blue
  • Current Groups:
    • Hello!Project Kids (2002-present)
    • C-ute (2005-present)
    • FLYING (2003,2009-present)
    • Girls Revolution (2011-present)
    • MoKanBeKiMaSu Ongaku (2011)
    • BeriKyuu (2011-present)
    • H.P ALL STARS (2012-present)
  • Shuffle Groups:
    • H.P ALL STARS (2004)
  • Other Groups:
    • Mix Gatas

Singles Participated In




  • Anata No Koto Motto Aishiteru

Girls Revolution

  • MC Revolution
  • Yume no Kissu
  • Shinpai Arimasen!


Mokanbekimasu Ongaku


Solo Albums

  • [2012.01.03] 401 MURAOKA (Cover Album)

Solo Songs

  • [2006.10.25] Haru ga Yonde iru (春が呼んでいる; Spring is Calling)
  • [2007.04.18] Otome no Ai (乙女の愛; Love Maiden)
  • [2007.07.11] Pizza Shop de Tokubetsuna Onna Noko (ピザショップで特別な女の子; Special Girl at the Pizza Shop)
  • [2008.04.30] Thinking...
  • [2009.01.28] THE Decision
  • [2010.02.24] Moshiwakearimasenga Watashi wa Chigau yo (申し訳ありませんが、私は違うよ; Sorry, I'm Different)
  • [2012.02.02] Watashi no Atarashii Geitai Denwa (私の新しい携帯電話; My new Cellphone)
  • [2012.11.12] Namida no Iro (2012 Shinsei Naru Ver.) (涙の色; Color of Tears)

Group Songs

  • [2008.03.12] Janken 〜 PonPinPan Pun!〜 (ジャンケン〜ポンピンパンしゃれ〜) with Umeda Erika
  • [2013.04.03] Watashi wa Tensai (私は天才; I'm a Genius) - with Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai

Solo Event

1st Event (2007.06.18)

  • Sakura Chirari by C-ute
  • Yuujou Oh Junjou Seishun by Berryz Koubou

2nd Event (2009.04.??)

  • GET by Heike Michiyo
  • HAT by Muramoto Chie

3rd Event (2012.03.25)

  • Campus Life ~Umaretekite Yokatta~ by C-ute
  • Anata No Koto Motto Aishiteru by FLYING

4th Event (2013.03.12)

  • Believe by Happy Jikan
  • Kono Machi by C-ute
  • REBEL by Girls Revolution


  • Suzuki Airi and Muraoka are the two lead singers of C-ute.
  • She was only 4 when she joined the Hello!Project,making her the youngest girl to ever join the Hello!Project.
  • Said her favorite song is 'REBEL' by Girls Revolution.
  • Muraoka said that Murakami Chiyo is her twin sister.
  • Tsunku said he chose Muraoka for Girls Revolution because she is 'rebellious'.
  • Muraoka had her C-ute member color changed 3 times. Her first color was Gold, her second color was Grey and her third and current color is Orange.
  • Muraoka gets along best with Suzuki Airi, Kumai Yurina, Fukuda Kanon and Muramoto Chie.
  • Is the youngest member of C-ute and Hello Project Kids.
  • Muraoka said that she wants to have a singing duel with Natsuyaki Miyabi.
  • Is considered the most fashionable C-ute member.
  • Muraoka shared a joint blog with Muramoto Chie in 2008,but it was closed in 2011.
  • Muraoka is an orphan,and currently resides with her Aunt and her Grandmother.
  • When Muraoka was chosen to join the Hello!Project Kids,her Grandmother disagreed with the idea,but her whole family was able to convince her Grandmother to let her stay.
  • On the day that Otsuka Aina withdrew from the Hello!Project,she stopped by Otsuka's house and delivered her flowers and a letter from herself and the other members of Juice=Juice.
  • Muraoka stated that she wants to become taller,and atleast surpass Hello!Project producer Tsunku's height.
  • When she had originally joined the Hello!Project,Tsunku stated that she had a powerful voice,but had no control over it,so Muraoka decided to use a more toned down voice until she learned how to control it.
  • Muraoka said the job she would never want is being an actress.
  • If Muraoka was to make her own C-ute single,she would title it "Watashi wa Anata no Chuui o Shitai! (I want your attention!)". Muraoka said it's a girl who will try anything to try and catch her crush's attention.

Solo Line Count


  1. Massara Blue Jeans - 14
  2. Soku Dakishimete - 16
  3. Ooki na Ai de Motenashite - 19
  4. Wakkyanai (Z) - 12
  5. Koero!Rakuten Eagles - 15
  6. Akuma de Kyuuto na Seishun Grafitti - 9


  1. Sakura Chirari - 18
  2. Meguru Koi no Setsu - 4
  3. Tokaikko Junjou - 12
  4. LALALA Shiawase no uta - 9
  5. Namida no Iro - 17
  6. Edo no Temari Uta II - 6
  7. FOREVER LOVE - 13
  8. Bye Bye Bye! - 20
  9. Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu - 10
  10. EVERDAY Zekkouchou!! - 11
  11. SHOCK! - 20
  12. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ - 8
  13. Dance de Bakoon! - 15
  14. Aitai Lonely Christmas - 13
  15. Kiss Me Aishiteru - 19
  16. Momoiro Sparkling - 11
  17. Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko - 10
  18. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku - 14
  19. Aitai Aitai Aitai Na - 19
  20. Kono Machi - 8
  21. Crazy Kanten na Otona - 10
  22. Kanashiki Amefuri- 15/Adam to Eve no Dilemma- 8 
  23. Tokai no Hitorigushi - 7/Ai tte Motto Zanshin - 7

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