Kayu Murayami (村闇カユ) was born August 17, 1994. Murayami is currently a member of Beach Musume -10, after participating in the Beach Musume -10 1st Generation ~ Jyuu Onna ~ Auditions and winning alongside nine other girls.



Murayami participated in the Beach Musume -10 1st Generation ~ Jyuu Onna ~ Auditions.

In December, it was announced that Murayami was one of the ten girls who won the auditions.


It was announced that Murayami would be participating in the stage play, Nettai Danshi, alongside Hello! Pro Kenshuusei members Yamagishi Riko and Kaga Kaede.

July 4, Murayami participated in the Japanwide Idol Celebration (日本ワイドアイドルセレブレーション) at the Osaka Kyocera Dome, alongside Kihara Nina,Arikara Kame,Bui Shun,Shimizu Saki,Sayashi Riho,Natsuyaki Miyabi,Saburo Mami,Yajima Maimi,Tamura Meimi,Nakanishi Kana and Ogawa Melody.


  • Name: Murayami Kayu (村闇カユ)
  • Nickname(s): Kayu (カユ), KayuKitty (カユキティ), Yamipun (闇しゃれ)
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Birthdate: August 17, 1994 (age 19)
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Height: 154 cm
  • Hello!Project Status
    • 2012-12-02 Member
    • 2012-12-02 Beach Musume -10 Member
  • Months in Beach Musume -10/Hello!Project: 2 months
  • Beach Musume -10 ColorRed
  • Hobbies: Collecting Hello!Project Goods
  • Special Skill: Gymnastics
  • Favorite Colors: Grey, Yellow,Red
  • Favorite Food: Tomato Stew
  • Favorite song: Koko ni Iruzee! by Morning Musume
  • Favorite words: "Break a Leg!"
  • Motto: "What would Kayu do?"
  • Hello!Project groups
    • Beach Musume -10 (2012-present)
    • Sore Wa Shoujou (2012-present)



Beach Musume -10

  1. Sunahama
  2. Egao CITY
  3. Take Off!

Sore Wa Shoujou

  1. Get Together!It Girls!



  1. [2013] Nettai Danshi


  • At the beginning of her blog, she usually puts "Koko ni Iruzee~".
  • Is close friends with Yamagishi Rena and Sano Yuriko.
  • Lots of Hello! Project members say that Murayami has a loud and obnoxious personality.
  • Looks up to former Morning Musume member Abe Natsumi and C-ute member Yajima Maimi.
  • Tsunku said that she has her vocals at a good point but they can easily get a better.
  • Murayami's favorite time of the day is dawn.

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