Nesugosu (Overslept; 寝過ごす) is a 4 member girl band under the Wishes. The group was formed in 2011, and made their official debut the same year with the single "Nebosuke Nanode, Asa Wa Tabe Masen". As of 2014, the group as a whole has sold over 700,000 copies as a whole in Japan.

The group is known for being a backup band for Hello! Project groups Happy Jikan and Kobushi Factory.



In 2010, Nesugosu was formed. It was made up of Akita Hisoka, Eguchi Makoto, Hirano Nana, Kuga Sayuri and Okan Usagi. The group was revealed at the Berryz Koubou 2010 ~Beri Kou Fesu~.

In December, Nesugosu released their first single, "Nebosuke Nanode,Asa Wa Tabe Masen.".

Nesugosu made a special appearance on the New Years show Kouhaku. They played as a band for Happy Jikan and performed their debut single.


In August, Nesugosu released their debut studio album, "A NEW BAND". Nesugosu had a mini tour with the Stardust group Momoiro Clover Z.

December 12, Nesugosu and Buono! released a mixed album called "BuGosu!".


It was announced that Nesugosu was releasing another single.

November 12, Nesugosu released the single "BUTTERFLY".

November 20, It was announced that Nesugosu was releasing an album in 2013 called "SING A SONG".

December 21, it was announced that Nesugosu would be releasing their sixth single, "LADEEDA".


  • Akita Hisoka (秋田ヒソカ; Mint) Lead Vocalist
  • Eguchi Makoto (江口誠; Cocoa) Bass, Vocals
  • Hirano Nana (平野ナナ; Strawberry) Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Kuga Sayuri (玖珂さゆり; Banana) Guitar, Keyboard*
  • Okan Usagi (オカン鵜杉; MistDrums


  •  Kuga Sayuri's main instrument is the guitar, but she does occassionally play keyboard for songs.



  1. [2010.12.06] Nebosuke Nanode, Asa Wa Tabe Masen (ねぼすけ なので, 朝 わ 食べ ません; Because I'm a Lovely Over Sleeper, I don't eat breakfast)
  2. [2011.03.08] Rise and Shine!
  3. [2011.07.09] Drums,Guitars,Bass,Vocals!
  4. [2011.10.23] Jibunno Yumeo Oikakeyou (じぶんの夢を追いかけて; Chasing their dreams)
  5. [2012.11.12] BUTTERFLY
  6. [2013.02.19] LADEEDA
  7. [2013.05.04] ZERO Vocals
  8. [2013.10.10] Dokuritsu Shita Guitar (独立したギター; Independent Guitar)
  9. [2014.03.21] Direct GIRL
  10. [2014.08.30] Embrace Your Insanity.
  11. [2015.03.12] Highlighted Chique
  12. [2015.06.18] Watashi no Taiyo to Watashi no Yami (Reprise)
  13. [2016.01.21] Juutai ni Tsumatta (渋滞に詰まった; Stuck in a Traffic Jam)
  14. [2016.07.21] Ice Cream Dinner
  15. [2016.10.13] Love Your Body!
  16. [2017.04.20] Hoshi ga Utaeru nara (星が歌えるなら; If Stars Could Sing)
  17. [2017.06.15] The Big Brady Heart Crush


  1. [2011.08.19] A NEW BAND
  2. [2013.12.03] SING A SONG
  3. [2016.09.30] SING A BETTER SONG

Joint Albums

  1. [2011.12.12] BuGuso! -with Buono!

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  • Was the first official Wishes unit.
  • When the group was first formed, they were not very active. However, ever since Akita, Eguchi and Okan graduated from High school in 2013, the group has had more activity.
  • Since 2011, the members have been studying English for potential overseas performances.
  • Okan Usagi is the only member not to have a type of food as her color.