Omoikiri Tanoshimu (Put that Aside,Enjoy!) is Y.okatta's 13th single.It was released January 13,2013.The editions for the single are: Regular ,Limited A,Limited B,Limited C,and Event V.The Single V will be released January 23,2013.

The single is currently the groups best selling single,with a total of 80,461 copies sold.


Regular Edition

  1. Omoikiri Tanoshimu
  2. Kono yo ni,Sono (This Way and That)
  3. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVD

  1. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (MV)
  2. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (Group close up version)

Limited Edition B DVD

  1. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (Dance shot version)
  2. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (School version)

Limited Edition C

  1. Omoikiri Tanoshimu
  2. Watashi O Ubau,With You (Take me away,with you)
  3. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (instrumental)

Event V

  1. Omoikiri Tanoshimu
  2. Kono yo ni,Sono (MV)
  3. Lottery Ticket

Single V

  1. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (Another ver.)
  2. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (Koyanagi Misa solo ver.)
  3. Omoikiri Tanoshimu (Matano Maho solo ver.)
  4. Making Of (メイキング映像)

Featured Members

  • Koyanagi Misa,Matano Maho


  • Koyanagi gets a total of 16 solo lines,while Matano only gets 12 solo lines.
  • This is the 13th Y.okatta single to feature Koyanagi as leader.
  • Omoikiri Tanoshimu is Y.okatta's has the more of a harder dancer than the 12 other singles do.
  • This is the first single to have the members autotuned since their 7th single.
  • Tsunku said that "Put that Aside,Enjoy!" just means "Put away the drama,Enjoy our love!".This means that the single is talking about a complicated relationship.
  • Since the single was released on a Sunday,it's first week does not have a week ranking.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Ranking Sales
-- -- -- -- -- -- 3     -- 29,890
1 2 8 11 3 -- 2  3 9,806
-- 13  1 1 1 1 3  2 40,000
1 -- 1 2 12 11 12  5 765
  • Total Reported Sales: 80,461

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