Ongaku Club (音楽クラブ) is a Japanese pop group signed to Hello! Project Girls Division. They were formed in March 2017 with ten members.


  • Yayoi Maimi (弥生舞美; Lime Green) - President
  • Maeda Yuhane (前田優平; Dark Pink) - Vice President
  • Kago Aimi (加護愛美; Light Blue)
  • Hashimoto Rin (橋本凛; Orange)
  • Kudo Akiko (工藤晶子; Light Pink)
  • Watanabe Neru (渡辺ねる; Red)
  • Yonetoku Tamami (米徳玉美; Yellow)
  • Eto Haruka (江頭遥; Coral)
  • Kanazawa Miho (金沢美穂; Indigo)



On March 27, the formation of Ongaku Club was announced. All nine of the members were scouted through the Hello! Project Girls Division Fresh Face Audition 2016.

On April 12, Ongaku Club had their debut live performance.

On May 10, Ongaku Club announced their first single, "Summer Melody / Akai Sweet Pea / Boku Dake no Hakujitsumu". It will be released on July 5, 2017.

On November 14, it was announced that Ongaku Club would be receiving a "school idol anime". The anime will come out in Fall 2018, and a press event for the anime will be held on January 3, 2018.



  1. [2017.07.05] Summer Melody / Akai Sweet Pea / Boku Dake no Hakujitsumu (サマーメロディ / 赤いスイートピー / 僕だけの白日夢; Summer Melody / Red Sweet Pea / A Daydream of my Own)
  2. [2017.11.22] Cinderella wa Damasarenai / Futsuu no Anata / Hashiritai GO! GO! GO! (シンデレラは騙されない / 普通のあなた / 走り隊 GO! GO! GO!; Cinderella Won't be Deceived / The Normal You / Running Party GO! GO! GO!)

Digital Singles


  • The majority of the Fresh Face 2016 finalists debuted in this group.
  • They are a "school idol group".

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