Otome no Crisis (Young Girl's Crisis; 大友のない危機) is a Morning Musume song sung by Morning Musume members Murakami ChiyoSaburo Mami & Eguchi Rin. It is featured on Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai, as the B-side on the Limited Edition B & Limited Edition C.

Song Information

Otome no Crisis

  • Lyrics: Akami
  • Arrangement: Tsunku
  • Guitar: Bundo-Kun
  • Vocals:
    • Murakami Chiyo (main vocal)
    • Saburo Mami & Eguchi Rin (minor vocals)

Tsunku's Comment about the song

"Otome no Crisis talks about how many young girls go through a hard time for their age and how they deal with it. The song is a rock song, but is very up-beat and the fans of these girls will love it."


Otome no Crisis: To Be Released.

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