Pure Jinsei Second Generation Auditions ~THE Chikara!~ (順正人生 2 番目世代オーディション 〜パワー!~) is Pure Jinsei's second generation auditions. They were first announced November 18, 2012. The auditions started January 6, 2013.

Audition Details

  • Application Requirements
Girls are 11-15 years of age were allowed to audition
  • Total Applicants
880+ Auditionees
  • Training Camp and Theme Song
Dance-Fashionistyan (Pure Jinsei) and WANT! (Berryz Koubou)
Voice-Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (C-ute) and Samui Ne (S/mileage)
  • Training Camp Choreographers
Usagi and Usa

First Round

  • The first round started January 6,2013.

Second Round

  • The second round began January 12,2013.
    • The videotape and profile of each girl was viewed by Tsunku, who then arbitrarily selected the ones he wanted to go into the third round.
    • The second round was from January 15 to January 18 in 4 places in the county (Tokyo,Ibaraki,Aichi,Fukuoka)

Third Round

  • The third round began Janaury 20,2013
    • The 16 canidates were taken to Fukuoka for further screening.From there,they were selected and invited to the training camp
      • Dance- Fashionistyan (Pure Jinsei) and WANT! (Berryz Koubou)
      • Vocal- Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (C-ute) and Samui Ne (S/mileage)

Fourth Round

  • The fourth round began January 27,2013
  • The remaining participants were taken to a training camp where they recieved vocal and dance lessons.They separetly recored "Samui Ne" and and danced to "Fashionistyan" in front of Tsunku,Usagi,and Usa

6 girls were chosen

  • Fujioka Alice - 13
  • Hishikawa Iris - 12
  • Asari Nana - 15
  • Fukashimo Shiori - 12
  • Yamakami Takara - 14
  • Konoe Kaede - 11
    • The winners were announced January 31,2013


  • The winners are:
    • Fujioka Alice
    • Hishikawa Iris
    • Konoe Kaede


  • Tsunku said that he is looking for girls aged 11-15 who are willing to join Pure Jinsei,become a responsible idol,and will be one of the most memorable members.
  • While watching the girls sing,Tsunku said that at this rate,more generations will come.
  • Tsunku also said that during the second generation auditions, he will be looking out for girls from ages 12-15 with a cute personality, a good voice and a reason why she should join Pure Jinsei.
  • Konoe Kaede was the youngest finalist,and Asari Nana was the oldest finalist.
  • It is believed that these auditions were held to find someone to replace Kira Yasuko after she graduates.

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