Rise Up! is a concert unit between Happy Jikan member Zeng Yun and Morning Musume members Muramoto Chie and Ikuta Erina.



Muramoto decided to start a concert unit with Zeng Yun and Ikuta Erina. They performed at Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Debut Concert Tour Fall 2012~Colorful Character~ and had their own promotional lives.

November 11, Zeng announced that they will be starring in a new TV show called "Tachiagaru to issho ni eigo o manabou!". It is set to be aired on December 22, 2012.


  • They are the only concert unit to have only 3 members.
  • They usually have less than 4 days to learn the singles and dances.
  • Are planning on performing at a Believe! Morning Musume concert or SPECIAL.
  • All three of the members go to karoke together.

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