Royal Gakuen(ロイヤル学園; Roiyaru Gakuen) Formed in late September 2015, Royal Gakuen was made as a "school-themed group who play instruments" with two males and two females. The group is under the INStyleX unit and is the first group to debut under the unit. Their highest selling single is SPRING LOVE/春の愛with 10,000,000 copies sold. Their lowest selling single is POUNDING OF THE HEART/ 禁じられた愛 with 11,000 copies sold.

Current Members

1st Generation (2015)

Member Positions

In late September 2015, the group was announced along with its members and member positions, although positions can change any time depending on the type of single.

Member Main Lead Instrument
Takeru Shimada Main Vocalist Lead Vocalist Lead Guitar
Reiko Shimada Main Vocalist Lead Vocalist Piano
Haruki Yoshiyama Main Rapper Lead Rapper Drums
Mari Tsukiyama Main Rapper Bass Guitar



In late September 2015, the group was announced along with the collaboration unit project between Hello! Project and Avex known as INStyleX. On September 27, 2015, an audition was set to find the members of the group. During this time period, originally five members were to debut but it was later decided by Tsunku himself that he had changed his mind on how many members were to debut in the group. After the auditions, first generation members were announced to be Takeru Shimada, Reiko Shimada, Haruki Yoshiyama, and Mari Tsukiyama. Takeru and Reiko are to be co-leaders of the group and Haruki and Mari are to be co-sub-leaders. They were also given their member positions, while the members were trained on the instruments they were to play.

On December 24, they debuted with their first single Spring Love/ 春の愛. They had their debut concert on January 2. Also, in the same month, Royal Gakuen participated and performed in a Hello!Project and Avex joint concert called Joy of the Season Concert.


They released their second single POUNDING OF THE HEART/ 禁じられた愛 on July 16, 2016.

It was later announced that they will be performing at the 2017 SakuraCon in Seattle, Washington.


After an indefinite hiatus, the group returned and announced the release of their third single BABY, I NEED YOU. The song is to be released on July 11, 2017. During a televised interview, the group stated that the song is "slower" and "has a ballad-like feel to it but with a mix of rock music".

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