SCORE! (スコア!) is a Hello! Project unit that was formed October 17, 2012, alongside DIY☆, consisting of S/mileage member Saito Kotomi and Chisana Hana member Kin Momoko. The group made their major debut in November 2012. It was formed to promote HELLO! Satoyama Life.




October 17, both DIY☆ and SCORE! were announced to be official subunits. SCORE! was then announced to be consisted of Saito and Kin. The group made it's official debut November 7.

October 18, SCORE'S upcoming single was given a name. It is called CHANCE!. It was also announced that SCORE! will be having their first group photobook called "GOAL~SHOOT~TOUCHDOWN".


It was announced that SCORE! and DIY☆ were releasing their second single,GIVE ME YOUR CHANCE/LALALALA Koufaku...,April 27,2013.



Photobooks and Other Releases


  • [2012.12.25] GOAL~SHOOT~TOUCHDOWN


  • This is Saito's first subunit since Ai✩Rokku and is Kin's first unit.
  • SCORE! gets its name from it's sporty genre.

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