Album Cover

(Official Album Cover)

"SECRETS:-O" is the name of SECRET Otoko's first album and official debut album that was released on October 17, 2013 along with a folded-up poster of the all-male group inside the CD case.

Track Listing:


2. "Unrequited"

3. "Can't You See?! (We Were Meant to Be)"

4. "I Speak From My Heart"

5. "Your One & Only"

6. "I Want You Back, Girl"

7. "A Wall Between Us"

8. "Nihon, Let's Party!"

9. "SECRETS:-O" (Instrumental Ver.)

10. "Unrequited" (Instrumental Ver.)

11. "Can't You See?! (We Were Meant to Be)" (Instrumental Ver.)

12. "I Speak From My Heart" (Instrumental Ver.)

13. "A Wall Between Us" (Instrumental Ver.)

14. "Nihon, Let's Party!" (Instrumental Ver.)

13. "Your One & Only" (Instrumental Ver.)

14. "I Want You Back, Girl" (Instrumental Ver.)


  • This album is SECRET Otoko's official debut album and first album overall.
  • The album marks Jun Mizoguchi's first album as the leader of the group.
  • Music videos were shown seperately and were given seperate release dates.
  • The album helped promote SECRET Otoko's official YouTube channel and Facebook page.
  • The boys held a party at Jun Mizoguchi's house during the release date.

Members Featured:

1st Generation(Official Debut):

Jun Mizoguchi (Leader)

Kai Kawasaki (Sub-leader #1)

Hikaru Hoshimoto (Sub-leader #2)

Ryuki Takashima

Yukito Nogami

Ryusuke Irie

Shiro Nishishima

Tomoe Tachibana

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