Saisho ni kaba (最初にカバー; First Cover) is the first album of Red Dolls. It is scheduled to release with Red Doll's second single, "Aka seimei!" On May 19th, 2013. It will have 20 songs featured on it. With very few from Hello!Project and many from a wide variety of Japanese Groups/Idols.


Regular Edition

  1. Kanojo ni Naritai!!! (Original Song)  (Lyrics)
  2. Ai wa Katsu (Song) (Lyrics)
  3. Lucky Aura (Lyrics)
  4. Packaged (Original Song) (Lyrics)
  5. My wings (Original Song)
  6. Eazy Dance (Original Song)
  7. Diamonds (Song)
  8. Momoiro Kataomoi
  9. Take it, Shake it (Original Song)
  10. Kafun Devil O Yattsukero (Original Song)
  11. Mirai Yosouzu II (Song)
  12. Tabidachi no haru ga kita
  13. Brand New Breeze (Original Song)
  14. C.P.U. (Original Song)
  15. Baby DayZ (Original Song)
  16. UNLIMITS (Original Song)
  17. Kono Machi
  18. Nagisa no Kagikakko (Short Ver.) (Song)
  19. Romeo and Cinderella (Original Song)
  20. Wake me up! (Original Song)

Featured Members

  1. Takeuchi Asami (Red) (Leader)
  2. Ando Miki (Ruby) (Sub-Leader)
  3. Kaneko Sakura (Maroon)
  4. Hara Hinata (Crimson)
  5. Ichihara Koharu (Carmine)
  6. Hayashi Yuki (Flame)
  7. Matsuyama Kanon  (Rose)
  8. Ohzora Ayumi (Scarlet)

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