Sakamoto Mayuri
Nickname Mayu, Mayuri-chan
Birthdate October 10, 1998 (1998-10-10) (age 19)
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Bloodtype A
Zodiac Sign Libra
Professional Information
Genres J-Pop
Years Active Hello! Project (2011-Present)

Up Front Promotion (2011-Present)

Associated Acts Shizen Musume
Sakamoto Mayuri is a 1st generation member of Shizen Musume. She debuted in 2011.

She is currently the most popular member of the group,



June, Sakamoto Mayuri Auditioned for a new Hello! Project group. She progressed through the rounds and was announced as a member in September.


In the beginning of January somebody resembling Mayuri was photographed holding hands with one of the members from Kis-my-ft2. This was later found out to be a different idol (from a different agency). During that time Mayuri was suspended from Hello! Project. Mid March it was announced that Sakamoto Mayuri would have her 1st photobook and the release of her e-hello DVD. She is the first member of Shizen Musume to have one.


In May it was announced that she would be having release of her 2nd solo photobook. 


  • Name: Sakamoto Mayuri
  • Birthday: October 10, 1998 (1998-10-10) (age 19)
  • Origin: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Shizen Musume Color:
    • Pink (2011-2015)
    • Orange (2015-Present)
  • Hobby: Photography, drawing
  • Favorite Flower: Rose
  • Looks up to: Sayumi Michishige
  • Motto: Trying hard can make you the best!
  • Favorite Food: Sweet Food

Discography Featured In




Solo DVD

  • [2012.03.14] Greeting ~Sakamoto Mayuri~
  • [2015.09.01] Mayu for you
  • [2016.01.01] Rose
  • [2016.05.02] Sakamoto Mayuri Throughout the years ~2011-2016~

Solo Photobooks

  • [2012.05.15] Myself, My Life
  • [2013.07.04] MOE
  • [2015.12.13] Presents
  • [2016.04.21] Last Gift

Group Photobooks

  • [2012.??.??] 1 time Nature


  • Been described as having a Moe personality.
  • Has the best sense of fashion in Shizen Musume
  • Is good friends with Suzuki Kanon and Nakanishi Kana.
  • Is afraid of spiders.
  • Is a fan of the anime akb0048, her favorite character is Sono Chieri.
  • Minami Yuki has said that Mayuri is very childish.
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