Sakura Station (さくらステーション) is an indies unit under Hello! Project Girls Division. The unit is comprised of six Hello Pro Idol members.


  • Kouno Sumirei (河野澄令; Pastel Pink) Leader
  • Shidehara Yui (幣原唯; Pastel Blue) Sub-Leader
  • Fuchi Karin (渕カリン; Pastel Red)
  • Nomiya Vivian (野宮ビビアン; Pastel Green)
  • Isayama Mion (諫山ミオン; Pastel Orange)
  • Tanaka Hinako (田中日菜子; Pastel Yellow)
  • Inaba Rika (稲葉リカ; Pastel Purple)



On January 2, the formation of Sakura Station (along with PLATINUM♦COIN and YU+YU) was announced. The members were revealed to be Hello Pro Idol members Kouno Sumirei, Fuchi Karin, Nomiya Vivian, Isayama Mion, Tanaka Hinako, Inaba Rika, and former Crystal✰Emotion member, Shidehara Yui.

They'll start off as an indies unit and work towards a major debut.

On January 12, their debut indies single, Kizetsu Suru Hodo Aishiteru!, which will be released on March 16, 2016.


On January 1, they were transferred to the main division of Hello! Project Girls and will continue activities there while working towards a major debut.



Indies Singles

  1. [2016.03.16] Kizetsu Suru Hodo Aishiteru!
  2. [2016.06.08] Gensoukyoku WONDERLAND
  3. [2016.11.15] YES! BE YOURSELF~
  4. [2017.02.14] Suki! Suki! Suki!
  5. [2017.05.27] Odore!


  • TBA

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