Shine Nyanderfully (Nyanderfully シャイン) is the 1st album from Onee Nyan. It features Hello!Project soloist Rima Ishiyama. It will release May 1st, 2013.


  1. Watashitachi dake (Lyrics)
  2. Kongo no PATTERNS (Matsuki and Rima) (Lyrics)
  3. Compassion
  4. Simple Forest
  5. As 4 (Featuring. Rima Ishiyama)
  6. My Life after Living
  7. Shine Nyanderfully
  8. MIXZ (Momoko and Rima)
  9. Charging Complete
  10. Seishon gekijo (Onee Nyan Ver.)
  11. INTERNET no girlz
  12. Kozan taizai (Miyuki and Rima)
  13. Kangaroo hoppu! 〜

Featured Members

  1. Yoshida Momoko (Momo Nyan) (吉田桃子) Red
  2. Ito Miyuki (Miyu Nyan) (伊藤美幸) Pink
  3. Shimizu Matsuki (Moyi Nyan) (松木清水) Yellow
  4. Ishiyama Rima (石山理麻) Chocolate


  • This is Onee Nyan's Second Duo.
  • This is Rima Ishiyama's first Duo.
  • Each song will have a dance shot ver.
  • This is Moyi-Nyan's first Album.
  • Rima is a failed auditioneer of Onee Nyan.
  • It will also release in a bonus version. Only 5 will be sold. It will feature the Making of(s) and Video Messages, Along with the lives of Videos (It shows the lives of the idols outside of Hello!Project.)

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