Shiro Nishishima

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Shiro Nishishima( Nishishima史郎; Nishishima Shiro) is a current first generation member of the all-male Hello! Project group SECRET Otoko.


Name: Shiro Nishinoshima (西ノ島史郎; Nishinoshima Shiro)

Stage Name: Shiro Nishishima (西志摩史郎; Nishishima Shiro)

Nicknames: Shiro-chan, Shiro-kun, Shishi

Birthday: November 15, 1998 (Age: 16)

Birthplace: Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan

Charmpoint: His smile

Weakpoint: Reads very slowly

Favorite Foods: Grilled gyoza, humus, onigiri

Least Favorite Foods: Shiitake mushrooms, leeks, radish

Favorite Subject: Lunch

Least Favorite Subject: English

Motto: "Love is a song the heart sings."

Favorite English Word: Song

SECRET Otoko Color: Army Green

Favorite Band: Big Bang

Favorite Big Bang Song: "HARU HARU"

Favorite SECRET Otoko Song: "A Wall Between Us"

  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • SECRET Otoko (2013- Present)


  • He was born and raised in the same city and prefecture as current Morning Musume Member Riho Sayashi.
  • He is the second oldest amongest seven sibilings.
  • He owns a rabbit named Momiji.
  • His ideal girl: Funny, loves video games, has a good ear for music, smart, a good listener.
  • He is a very avid video game player.
  • He is currently a first-year high school student.
  • His looks are often compared to those of Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuri Chinen.
  • He was a member in his middle school's gymnastics team.
  • He wears glasses, but prefers to wear contacts.
  • After joining SECRET Otoko, he was featured on the front page of his prefecture's local newspaper.
  • He has three younger brothers (Arashi, Kou, and Ryuta), one younger sister (Mayumi), one older sister (Jurina), and one older brother (Shotaro).
  • His dream is for SECRET Otoko to have their own variety show.


  1. [2014.??.??] Tenso no Dai Machigai  (as Naoki Kaito)

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