Shizen Musume 1: Beauty of Nature is Shizen Musume's debut album. It was released on November 5, 2012. It came in 2 editions, regular and limited. The Limited Edition contained a DVD.


Regular Edition

  1. Beauty of Nature
  2. Smiles in the Rain - Minami Yuki
  3. Demo, Doushite?!
  4. Suki de Kudasai - Fukumoto Emi
  5. Moto Koibito
  6. Midori Forest
  7. Egao, Watashi Dakara
  8. Fantasy - Sakamoto Mayuri
  9. Shiny Days
  10. Soto - Mochizuki Hiromi
  11. TERRA

Limited Edition

  1. Beauty of Nature (MV)
  2. Midori Forest (MV)
  3. TERRA (MV)
  4. Making of Album

Featured Members


  • Contains a solo song sung by each member.
  • All of their indies singles are featured.
  • It was the groups 1st major debut release.
  • This is Minami Yuki's last credited album.

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