Shizen Musume ~2ki Kakumei~ is second generations for Shizen Musume. The auditions began on April 30, 2013 and ended in June 2013.

Audition Details

  • Age Requirements
Girls ages 10-17 years of age.
  • Application Deadline
April 20, 2013
  • Total Applicants
  • Training camp and theme song
Vocals: Summer Sparkles,Watashi o Aishita
  • Training Camp Choreographer
  • Broadcast
On Hello! Shizen & Hello! SATOYAMA Life

First Round

  • The application deadline is April 20, 2013.

Second Round

  • Tsunku goes through applications, anybody who goes to third round.
    • Third round starts May 10, 2013.
    • 50 girls go to third round

Third Round

  • The girls are taken to Tokyo for further screening.
  • Auditioners participate in the dance  for TERRA, and the vocals for Summer Sparkles
  • The girls that learn it best go to 4th round or fifth round.
    • 15 girls go to fourth round.
      • 4th round begins on May 16, 2013.
    • 35 girls go to fifth round
      • 5th round begins on May 30, 2013

Fourth Round

  • Any of the foreigners participating in auditions learn Japanese.
  • The people who are most fluent move on to the fifth round.
    • 9 girls go to the fifth round.

Fifth Round

  • The 44 girls from the fourth and fifth round perform Co*no*michi.
  • Tsunku will invite the girls who impress him the most to the Training Camp.
    • 15 girls go to training camp

Training Camp

These girls made it to training camp:

  • Ishida Kaori 
  • Fukumoto Eri 
  • Saito Ai
  • Nomura Minami
  • Arai Kanon
  • Tseng Meyi
  • Kia Su Ling
  • Tang Rose
  • Xiao Yia
  • Suzuki Eru
  • Ogawa Chiyo
  • Murakami Kako
  • Kanazawa Keiko
  • Nakamura Takara
  • Yamaguchi Ayano
  • Chiba Hikaru


  • Ishida Kaori
  • Kia Su Ling
  • Kanazawa Keiko
  • Fukumoto Eri
  • Arai Kanon
  • Suzuki Eru


  • Foreign Auditioners had to go through more rounds than Japanese Auditioners.

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