Smile On! (Smileに!) is an unit formed in 2011 with four members. Smile On! currently consists of five members.


Current Members

Generation One (2011)

Generation Two (2013)

  • Suzuki Kanon
  • Katsuta Rina
  • Tanabe Nanami

Former Members

Generation One (2011)

  • Maeda Yuuka (Graduated 12/31/11)
  • Mahiro Rima (Graduated 12/20/13)

Generation Two (2013)

  • Otsuka Aina (Withdrew 07/05/13)



In January, the formation of Smile On was announced.

On December 31, Maeda graduated from S/mileage, Smile On!, and UP FRONT all together.


On the second year anniversary of the unit, four new members were added.



Smile On! Dot Bikini Cha Cha SING Lovely Girl! Only You (FREE EDIT) / One • Two • Three (REMIX) Heavy Rotation (H!P Edition)

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