Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!!(育つ江東和わけがデはラタン!!!) is Uchota~'s debut single. It was released on March 22, 2013.

This is currently the highest selling indies single in Hello! Project, with 28,234 copies sold.


  1. Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!!
  2. Sodatsu Koto Wa Konnan De Aru!!! (Instrumental)

Featured Members

Song Information


  • It ranked 1 on the Indies Oricon Charts.

Solo Lines Count

  • Arikara Erika: 8
  • Hojo Jun: 7
  • Furude Gina: 0
  • Yamaguchi Eri: 8
  • Hisakawa Minami: 6

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